About MyLovingHeart


Throughout my life there have been people that blessed me by being such amazing role models of love, caring, and giving that have opened up my heart.  A grandmother that showed me the tremendous gift of love, love and more love and service to others and her faith in God.  My mother who taught me how to be strong and courageous and how a mother’s love is like no other.  Then God had the most amazing man walk into my life that for the 30+ years that I knew him opened my heart to what love was all about.  It was a journey that included our children, a girl, Rachel, that is now grown and married and a son, Evan, who is currently completing his college studies.  Having children certainly taught me about unconditional love, but it was our life as a family that shaped me into the woman I am today.  In July 2004, you never think that you are going to hear the doctor say that your 48 year old husband has cancer.  A very wise pastor told me that the cancer was not ordained by God, but what we do with it is ordained by God.  Over the next seven years you get an education about what is important in your life, how to grieve, how to expand your heart to hold on to every ounce of love that is given to you, and how to be courageous and strong for your husband, children, and even yourself.  My hope is that by me sharing my loving heart to you that you can expand your loving heart too!

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