Posted by: mylovingheart | November 6, 2013

Love is All Around!


The last month has been a time of walking a path of growth and healing.  Along the way, work and just life have kept me quite busy too.  I feel that I blink my eyes and the month has passed.  A couple of weeks ago, I had to go to Austin for a business conference.  I had originally planned to meet a friend the weekend before the conference to spend time together.  The friend’s plans changed and I found myself arriving in Austin to just explore the city on my own.  I had never been to Austin before and was looking forward to listening to some music and exploring new areas.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  Blue bird days and nice temperatures.  It was just amazing to experience beautiful Fall days in a new city.  The interesting part is that I have not traveled alone to often and I was not sure exactly what that would feel like.  I have always been so used to traveling with my family or a friend.  I am finally at a point in my life that I am becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin and knowing what feels good to me.

One of the places that was suggested to me was Mt. Bonnell.  I am preparing to do an adventure trip in another month that is going to be in mountains, so I wanted to do some hill work as conditioning for my trip.  To reach the summit I had to go up a large number of stairs, but found that once I reached the top there was this amazing view.  After taking a few trails, I discovered this rocky ledge that was just perfect to just sit.  From the moment I sat down my whole body and mind became engulfed in peace.  The picture above is the view that was all around me.  One of the things I have discovered is that being in nature is quite calming to me.  It gives me an opportunity to just remove all the checklists in my head and just spend some time with God.  More than ever I could just “BE”.  One thing I don’t allow myself too often is the opportunity to just “BE”.  As I sat there everything that was in my head just went away.  Then I discovered that as I emptied the clutter there became this vast open space within my soul.  Creating an open space to listen to the voice of the one who calls us beloved.  I had to remember that God is passionately in love with each one of us and I was ready to receive that love.

At different times during my stay in Austin, I found myself going back to the ledge on Mt. Bonnell.  My last night the sunset was right before me.  Each time I found myself from the moment I sat down finding that peaceful place to just feel good and be happy within my soul.  Unfortunately every good thing has to come to an end, I had to then travel back home to all the pressure and stresses of everyday life and work.  What I discovered though was that my time on Mt. Bonnell stayed with me.  That peaceful loving feeling that came with me opening up that open space is now deep within.  Also that traveling alone ended up being the best thing that could have happened.  It gave me a chance to spend time to take care of me and to allow God to pour His love into all the little broken pieces that needed healing.

My hope is that you will find a quiet place to just “BE”.  It does not mean that you have to go “commune with nature”, but instead you may feel just as much comfort by being in whatever quiet place you can find.  When you go to those quiet places and feel God’s peace and His presence you will find his grace is overflowing.

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