Posted by: mylovingheart | October 3, 2013

Do You Have a Saint in Your Life?


I have a puppy named Saint.  It was interesting how he came into my life.  I had a friend that I think was trying to set me up with her brother, but she told me he is a cat.  I was a little intrigued and asked what she meant.  She says he has been single all his life and that he is like a cat.  When you want to get his attention he sticks his nose up in the air and goes in the opposite direction.  When he decides he wants some attention and to be petted he comes around.  After getting some attention and he is satisfied he  is then off for a while until he is ready to reappear.  I found that analogy hilarious.  I could think of many a man I had met that fit that description.  I knew that I did not want a cat.  I wanted a warm puppy dog.  I love open honest warm communication, full of play and filled with life.  Not too long after that interaction, I met someone who was selling puppies.  After consulting a friend whose last name was Saint Romain and was called Saint in college, I knew I was on the right track.  A week later Saint became a new member of the household.  He is a typical puppy that is curious about everything and has decided that everything needs to go in the mouth.  He has filled my house with laughter and love and made me realize how much I had missed having that in my daily life.  It has definitely given me a reason to go home each day.

Did I mention that he chews on everything!  I am constantly taking things out of his mouth and cleaning up from him shredding something.  One day I found him being unusually quiet, which is never a good sign, and decided to go look for him.  He had discovered the book shelf and was chewing on a book.  After some scolding, I picked up the book he was chewing and discovered that it was a journal that my husband had written in 20 years ago that I did not know existed.  I had looked at the bookshelf so many times and never noticed the journal.  I have to say that I miss his words.  I miss not having him to talk to and often wonder what he would say to me if I asked him what he thought about my new life now.  I open up the journal and it has four entries and they all have titles.   The first one was titled “On Beginnings”.  As I read his words it was exactly what I think he would say to me right now.   He talked about how exciting new beginnings are and that some things must end in order to have a beginning.  That you must walk the path in wonder and treasure the experiences which only you may truly know.  How I have struggled with things that have had to end and not looked at how exciting a new beginning could be.

How perfect it was to have this new puppy named Saint come into my life to fill it again with laughter and love. but also to show me a way to have my husband speak truth to me in a way that only he could.  I just looked at it as this amazing God moment.  I think my new puppy’s name fits him quite well.  He is a loving Saint in my life and is just what I need.  Now if I can keep him from chewing up the rest of the house we will be able to cohabitate quite nicely.

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