Posted by: mylovingheart | September 24, 2013

Beginning Again!


Beginnings to me have always held a special importance.  The blank page or untried experience holds a certain magic.  Purity.  The promise of what lies ahead …. unknown.  Then again starting over is not always something that is easy either.  I find myself holding on to what I had because I am afraid of what I have to let go of in order to start over. Fear of the unknown can keep you from ever beginning again.

Lately I am discovering that even though relationships that held so much promise have ended, I now have new growth of who I am and what I want.  That it was time for certain things to end, so that I could be ready for what is yet to come.  I find myself so often asking God to please reveal to me what he has planned for me.  I have had to become comfortable in just being present and embrace today.  That I have to no longer bang on the door that He has closed, so that I could walk through the new doors that He is opening.  That I just have to have faith in His promises and trust in His timing.  Believe me, that is not easy for me at all.

In learning to begin again, I have become more open to just LOVE.  To not expect to be loved in the way that I think I should be loved, but to just let love be free and untrammeled.  To each day choose to see that open slate that is full of possibilities.  Sure there are days when something has ended that I look back with regret and disappointment, but then I get excited at what is yet to come!  YOU JUST HAVE TO BEGIN AGAIN!!!

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