Posted by: mylovingheart | July 20, 2013

What is Your Next Step?


Recently I went to a conference where one man spoke of developing an infection and waking up four months later in a hospital room paralyzed from the neck down.  He had developed an infection on his spine.  The doctors told him that 99% of the people do not ever regain the ability to walk again.  Another man spoke of being in an automobile accident and his car burst into flames.  He has severe scars over a large part of his body.  They did not think he would live nor be able to recover enough to live a functioning life.  I listened to these men talk of the painful rehab and determination that they were going to walk again.  They would not take no for an answer.  They had a life to live and family and friends to love.  They overcame all of the odds against them.  It got me to thinking that even though my situation is not nearly to the magnitude of these men, I did know what it felt like to be faced with a life altering event that can leave you paralyzed emotionally and affect you physically.  You have to make a decision as to whether you can make that first step to recovery.  It requires digging deep within you to work through the pain so that you can take the next step to a healthy loving life.  It also means that you are going to have set backs, but you just have to learn from each of those experiences and not beat yourself up that progress is not being made. 

I knew within me that LOVE was absolutely the answer.  That every step I wanted to take would have to be in absolute love.  That if I walked in the direction of the desires of my heart I was going to create a path to be the woman I wanted to be.  I do know that I do not want to make this journey alone.  I just feel that when you have this much love you want to have a partner to share it with. 

God made us to have relationships.  I will have to say that to start a relationship with someone is quite exciting and scary at the same time.  For me, I love the part of meeting new people and learning about their life and experiences.  You have to be open to the possibilities that this friendship could be quite brief or last a lifetime.  I do see the struggle with taking the first step toward investing your heart into a relationship with someone that you don’t know whether he is going to love you back or decide to not pursue the relationship any further.  Not everyone is willing to walk the path of letting go and just seeing where love will take them.  It is a shame that our hearts are so guarded.  I have faith that God knows the desires of my heart and He is preparing me and the man that I am supposed to share my life with.  That for now, I am going to take each step along the path of love, friendship, and happiness and enjoy the journey!

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