Posted by: mylovingheart | July 3, 2013

Let Love Flow!


Recently I have been thinking about my relationships.  We have so many different types of relationships in our lives.  The special ones you have with your children, your parents, your friends and then there is always that really special relationship you have with someone to share your life with.  It is amazing the expectations you can put on someone to fulfill your life with your own idea of what your happiness is.  You then have the other person establishing their own set of expectations of what they need from you too.  It seems that we all have our own idea of how we think we should be loved.  That can either ruin a relationship or enrich it.  What if we just allowed love to just manifest itself and let it be free and untrammeled.

Lately I have felt that God was telling me over and over that He wants me to “just love”.  To love without even getting a reply.  To just let love flow out like a river and let it go wherever it wants to go.  I try to not question God when I clearly hear something, but I wondered how this could be possible for me to do.  What I knew was that God had been doing a mighty work inside me to allow love to coming pouring out.  He showed me that I could let go of expectations of other people and really allow them to just be who they are.  To love them, and most of all to be so happy that they have blessed my life and the other people around them.  I have watched many a person’s whole body language and thought process change when you allowed that space of no criticism, no judgement, no expectation and just gave them love, grace and peace in that moment.  To see them and love them in the way that God does.  Sure there are times when self just gets in the way.  You want them to please you, give you love back, and make you feel good.  It is hard to not go to that place.  I do think that God puts the right people in our lives so that we do get the love we need.

I have complete faith that God knows the desires of our heart.  He wants to fill each and every one of us with His love, so that we can go out and … Let Love Flow …. through us to others.

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