Posted by: mylovingheart | June 9, 2013

You Can Mend A Broken Heart!


Can you count how many times your heart has been broken?  I am not sure I can.  My mother told me growing up that I had a tender heart and wore my feelings on my sleeve.  Not sure what she meant at the time, I did learn over time that I was always willing to show people how I felt and that meant there were times I was going to be rejected.  The other person was not going to feel the same way.  Thank goodness with age I learned how to guard my heart, but always made sure that I still stayed true to who I was.  As I have talked about before my husband of 26 years died of cancer a couple of years ago and my heart was broken.  For some time I could not figure out what to do with the gaping wound that at times just literally hurt.  There were days when I would just cry out to God to either heal me or kill me because this hurts too much.  I knew that God was right there weeping with me and holding me as close as possible.

What I learned is that God loved me enough to heal my broken heart.  He started off by showing me that I had love all around and he brought friends and family to be there and speak truth to me. He then started showing and revealing to me who this woman was on the inside.  Then He brought me time to heal.  Time to love.  Time to smile again.  Most of all, over time I could feel that gaping wound getting smaller and smaller.   It was not always an easy journey and I did often allow loneliness and insecurities to cause me to go off in the wrong direction.  Then God kept showing me what was a healthy relationship and where I needed to go to stay on the path of healing.

What I learned most of all during that time was that in order to truly mend my broken heart I had to LET GO of a number of things.  That I could not hold on any longer to the past.  That I had to be willing to let go of the life I had planned, so I could have the life that was waiting for me.  That even though my personal history was rich and full of love, God has so much more that he wants to give me.  He just needed me to see that I was a woman that has an amazing capacity to love.  That my heart has a new song now.  My heart is full, happy and looking forward to what all this life has to offer.  I am going to enjoy the journey.  I am sure it will be sweet!


  1. Wow – thank you! What a beautiful post, and something I needed today, with today being one of those just-keep-crying kind of days for my broken heart. Thank you – you are truly a blessing.

    • Rachael you are so welcome. There are days when you have to not be strong and pretend that everything is going well. Cry out all your tears and I promise you find a reason to smile again. Just remember you are LOVED.

  2. When someone writes an piece of writing he/she keeps the picture of a client among his/her mind that how a client can understand it. So that why this paragraph is great. Thanks!

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