Posted by: mylovingheart | April 29, 2013

Who Are You Serving!


Last week was challenging.  It seemed everywhere I turned there was a problem to solve, frustration, hurt feelings and I felt myself being exhausted by the weight of it all.  Then I had to look closely at how I reacted to all that was being thrown at me.  What I saw was that I did not respond in kindness and understanding, but felt myself being angry and frustrated too.  I knew that I was holding on too tight to each situation and allowing it to completely consume me.  I was definitely allowing myself to choose fear instead of love.  Do you ever have weeks like that?  I am sure we all do.  What I had to realize was that I was reacting to each situation and not stepping back and letting the emotions die down. Most of all I was not seeking God to be in the center of my thoughts and actions.  It was just me defending my clients and the efforts that had been made to what I thought should be a good solution.

The timing was such that I was scheduled to volunteer to serve at a spiritual retreat for the weekend.  What a blessing!  To be able to serve and to put the entire bad week behind me and just allow my feet and hands to prepare and serve meals to 50 women who wanted to be fed by God’s love.  It gave me a chance to take a deep breath and step back from what I thought needed to happen with my work, and just put God back in the center of my thoughts.  To allow God to fill my soul with what it needed and not what I was filling it with.  To let my soul be filled with so much love, joy and peace. 

What I learned is that when there has been too much strife and anguish, it may be time to go on a spiritual retreat.  To take time to just allow yourself to feel LOVE and be LOVED.  Most of all that when you love God with all of your heart, mind and soul you will be fed with exactly what you need for today!  Then you can go out and love yourself and love others in a way that God intended.  Are there still going to be times of conflict? Sure, but I know that my reaction to that person will be with compassion and kindness and not demanding my way.  I just have to remember to look for the blessing in each situation or person and let my servant heart be filled with LOVE for you!  


  1. This is beautiful and such an important message to read again and again. thank you MyLovingHeart! xoxo
    Your #1 Fan, ~ BUTTERFLY GIVER ƸӜƷ

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