Posted by: mylovingheart | April 22, 2013

Got Love, Hope and Faith?


Often I get asked “How are You?”  Initially the reply is “I am good!”  Then the caring person would ask “No Really How Are You?”  It is so easy to get busy with just all the demands of the day and not really assess how you are doing inside.  It is very easy to fill your days and then you blink your eyes and a week or a month has passed.  When I stop and just spend some quiet time and reflect upon how I am doing it is amazing to see how much I have grown.

The journey to developing an absolute appreciation for the gift of life is filled with learning how to let go.  It is imperative to let go of the things that are keeping you from moving forward.  When you let go it allows there to be hope … and faith … and love … and grow from the inside out.  Since I am one of those people that feels that I have to control my world as much as possible, it was not easy learning how to step out in faith and have hope for what God has planned for my life.  It was a struggle I did not want to give up.  What I learned was that God loved me enough and loves you enough to want to remove all the anguish and frustration so that you can actually see and feel the love in your life.  To choose to be filled with joy for all the possibilities that are yet to come. 

Trust in His timing and having faith in His promises is not something that comes easily for me.  I just found that I had to not look back, but learn to get my eyes completely focused on God and enjoy living in the present.  Not worry about the future.  To become truly content within my soul.  With that contentment I discovered an abundance of love.  Also when I became content it made it very easy to have faith in God and hope for all the desires in my heart.

For the longest time I would not allow the desires of my heart to come to the surface.  Now with practice, I am learning to take those desires and to follow my dreams, to transform my life, to take the path that leads to God, to listen to my guardian angel, to transform myself, to be a warrior, and to be happy and take risks!  You can have it too.  You just need to have LOVE, HOPE and FAITH in your life to make it all possible.  Then you can ask yourself how you are doing and you can truly say “I AM GOOD!” 

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