Posted by: mylovingheart | March 26, 2013

Let Love In


Recently I heard someone say “When the pain of holding on becomes greater than the fear of letting go than we become more open.”  Believe me I am the queen of holding on to things for way too long.  Often times we hold on and stay in a relationship with someone because we have so much fear that we will not have love again. In my case, I found myself holding on to the past. I always knew it was a faith issue.  Did I have enough faith to let go and just follow my dreams?  Was I willing to let go so that the winds of change would set me free?  What I knew from deep within me was that my heart and soul wanted to choose life!  Each one of us can choose life by allowing the wind to bring in new things and experiences.  I just needed to be open to the possibilities of what was yet to come.

Lately I have been learning how to let the important things in my past shape me into the woman I am becoming.  To fully embrace those life lessons even if they were painful but rich with blessings.  To just be in a place where I am happy with who I am and to just allow love to manifest in its own way.  That sadness does not last forever when you are walking in the direction of that which you always desired.  In order to go forward, it is necessary to know when to leave because that stage in your life has ended.  What I am reminded time and time again is that I cannot stubbornly cling to when that stage has ended or I will risk being shaken to my senses by God.  God has shown me that I can have faith in his promises and trust in his timing.

What I am embracing in this new chapter of my life is that I can free myself to live in the present.  That there is a tremendous amount of space that can be filled up with love and with life’s joy!  To be open to the possibilities and to just LET LOVE IN!!!

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