Posted by: mylovingheart | March 5, 2013

What is Your Story?


Last year I felt this urging from numerous people that I had a story to tell that others could benefit from.  Also I had heard God tell me that I had made my world very small and I needed to make it bigger.  As a result, I contacted an acquaintance that was doing some great things on Facebook in helping people to open up and live LIFE!  When I got in touch with him the first words out of my mouth was “I have a story to tell”.  It was absolutely exciting and terrifying at the same time to have that person say “Yes, you do have a story to tell and I want you to tell it to the world!”  At that one moment I was humbled to think that how could my story really make a difference, but I knew that God had urged me to tell my story and I was going to be obedient.  As a result of God putting me on this path of healing from the loss of my husband, that He was giving me new insight and knowledge and I needed to share that with others.  What I knew in my heart was that as a result of my story, that if at least one person would love someone in their life more or better or would bring someone into their life to love, it would all be worth it.

What I had to realize was that when you stand and share your story in an empowering way, your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else.  We live in a hurting world.  We have all suffered some type of loss in our lives.  It is not just a death, but a number of things that are a disappointment.  My choice was that my story was not going to be of heartbreak, but going to be about learning how to love myself, to open up my heart to love again and to follow God.  That this new chapter of my life was going to be filled with absolute love, grace and joy and not of pain, anger or resentment.  That all that had happened to me were the chapters that had shaped my story to how I am TODAY!

My story I have learned is an accumulation of people and experiences that came into my life in order for me to learn from them or to teach someone else.  That everyone has a story that caused them to be the way they are.  My biggest downfall was making assumptions about a situation or a person and not ever thinking that I did not know the rest of the story that caused that person to be the way they are.  When I did not get the action or reaction from that person I thought I should have it was because I had absolutely no idea what was going in their life.  To stop and realize that at that one moment I was trying to be understood, and not trying to understand.  Not every one is willing to tell you their story for a number of reasons.  Sometimes it results in a person choosing to walk away and not be a part of your story any longer.  It doesn’t mean that they are a bad person.  It just means that their part in YOUR story is over.  For me, I have had to learn to know when someone’s part in my story was over.  To let them go.  There are some things that we must mourn and cherish and say goodbye to.  To absolutely look at the blessing of that experience and what you have learned along the way.  To know that chapter of your life is a season.  That the season can be quite brief or last a lifetime.  That I had to always appreciate the seasons in my life because each one is filled with blessings.

At any given moment you have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end.  To choose love over fear.  To always keep learning and growing.  To take the lessons of the past and apply those lessons in the future.  To absolutely embrace each person in your life for who they are.  To most of all remember that everyone has a story.  That everyone has gone through something that has changed their life, their hearts and their destiny.

I am going to each day be excited for the new chapters in my life.  My prayer for you is to know that every experience God gives you, every person He puts into your life, is the perfect preparation for a future only He can see.


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    • My story is of love, loss, and most of all of joy, hope and faith. I have learned along the way to love myself, to see the blessing in each season, and to follow God. Most of all my story has taught me how to open up my heart to love again and to enjoy the journey!! How about you? What is your story?

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