Posted by: mylovingheart | February 18, 2013

What is on YOUR Mind?


Lately I have found myself paying attention to what is on my mind.  What I have learned is that over-thinking ruins you, ruins the situation, twists things around, makes you worry and just makes everything much worse that it actually is.  Isn’t it amazing how your mind can just go wild with thoughts that are so blown out of proportion and your perception of the situation is never quite right.  I have to catch myself sometimes and just stop!  Playing conversations over and over in my head and worrying about things that are out of my control.  I start realizing how out of balance life can become when you allow your mind to go to that place.  That is when I have to think about what I am thinking.  That sounds crazy, but sometimes you have to pay attention to what your mind is telling yourself.  Often times I have to go to that place of letting go of worry and the things that are beyond my control.  To be in a place where you know that worrying about something or a situation is not going to change the outcome in any way.  I have to remind myself that I don’t know yet what I am going to do in my situation, but God does know and that is good enough for me.  He will give me direction at the right time!

The enemy knows that if he can get enough of the wrong things going on in our mind, they will eventually begin to come out of our mouth.  Our words are very important because they confirm our faith–or in some instances our lack of faith.  I have always known that it comes down to faith.  My lack of faith will cause me to have thoughts of defeat instead of hope.  I have heard people call that “stinkin thinkin”.  Isn’t it amazing how you can go to the place of negative thinking so easily.  Someone told me recently that you can control your thoughts, but you cannot control your feelings.  That is when I realized that when you change your thoughts, you do change your world.  For now I am turning off the head and following my heart.  In order to do that it will require a retraining of my brain that will not happen over night.  Each day my intention will be to focus my thoughts on the blessings in my life and be careful of what is on my mind!

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