Posted by: mylovingheart | January 27, 2013

Are you listening?


Do you ever find yourself going down a path and you realize that path is not turning out what you thought and it is time to take a different path instead?  So often I ignored all of the warning signs because I just wanted my way at the time.  It is in my nature to be an extremely trusting woman.  To the point that I develop absolute blinders and only want to look at the good in people and not look at anything else.  My husband was so good at truly knowing people and he would so often give me discernment and advice about people.  He would tell me that it was admirable that I only wanted to see the good, but that you must look at the whole person in order to keep from being hurt or in my case, blind-sided, when that person did what was in their nature.  It is not that people are bad, but we all have our selfish motives in some of the decisions we make.  Since his death I have had to lean more on God for that discernment.  Unfortunately, I listened to God about as much as I listened to my husband when giving me that discernment and still only focused on the good and not the whole person.  I cannot tell you how many times I would be in a relationship both in business and personal and would keep asking God to please tell me what is the right choice of whether to stay in that relationship or not.  What I found was that he was giving me the discernment, but I just did not like the answer.  I would just keep thinking that I was on the right path and would continue to follow my own selfish desires and vision of that person.  God was telling my heart the right answer, but I was convinced that my heart surely had it wrong.  That it would not be able to let go and have me on the right path.  God wants so much to take you to these amazing places in your life and bring certain people and experiences to prepare you for that place he is taking you.  I have found that it was so much a faith issue.  Because of my lack of faith that God was going to give me the desires of my heart, I set out on my own course and let my head lead instead of my heart.  God will quite often say okay you want to go this way, I will let you.  He knows that you are going to get to the final destination of where he is taking you, but it may take you meandering around on a crooked path to get there.  When I do find that yes people do what is in their nature, I still find myself thinking how did I get here and know that it was because I refused to look at the signs.  I knew more than ever I had not been listening to God.  I had the answer all along, I just did not want to hear it.  For now I have chosen a different path.  I want God’s will more than my will.  It is vital that I just enjoy the journey and have absolute faith that God is leading me down the right path.  Most of all I have learned to stop and listen to the discernment that God is giving me and when I do it will be filled with love, joy and most of all PEACE!  You just have to stop and turn down all the clutter in your head and LISTEN for that sweet voice that is coming from your heart.  Follow your heart no matter how much pride is telling you something different and you will always be on the right path!  You don’t have to know all of the plans in advance of how it is going to turn out.  Just learn how to have faith and to listen for that discernment from God.  Most of all enjoy the journey along the way!

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