Posted by: mylovingheart | January 1, 2013

Those Incredible Journeys!


Recently I returned from another adventure with my son.  Each time I take an adventure I am always excited about what new things I will see.  There are always numerous times of learning how to navigate in a place that you are not familiar with.  Just the act of getting lost and finding your way adds to the journey.  You do enough research of what you want to go see and then when you actually are there you just have to stand in complete awe of its beauty.  Once you get to your destination you then get to learn what happened there that made it so important.  You get to go back in time and try to understand how people lived in a different era and about their joys and struggles.  Only then can you fully appreciate what they went through and their passion for wanting to create the life that we live in today.  It always gets me to thinking about the significant moments in my life.  The times when I was just trying to navigate through something that was not familiar to me.  How being lost in a certain belief system that caused me to go down certain paths.  Then allowing God to get me on the right path that he wanted me to be on.  The journey of life can be quite interesting and exciting if you embrace it with an open mind and heart.  I still look back from time to time with sadness of what is no longer part of my journey, but then I can laugh and smile over how good the experience was at the time.  There are some journeys that were necessary to get me to where I am today.  The only thing I know is that I want to continue to go out and seek more incredible journeys.  That I know that the seas will be turbulent at times, but then that makes me love and appreciate when there is calm seas.  You sometimes have to know that when the wind is not blowing your way it is time to adjust your sails.   Sure it would be nice to always have a map to give us the right direction to go in, so that is why I seek God to lead me along the way.  To have faith in his promises and trust in his timing and be prepared as best as possible for what is yet to come.  I do love a journey!  Don’t you?

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