Posted by: mylovingheart | December 24, 2012

Then there was Peace!


I love this time of year.  This season where we get to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  It got me to thinking about all the things that need to be done to prepare for that moment.  My son was born in December.  I remember thinking about how I had to get the house ready, Christmas shopping done early and all the things necessary for when he arrived.  I did not want anything keeping me from focusing on this new child in our family once he arrived.  I wanted there to be absolute peace and love.  Now 22 years later he is in another country studying abroad and I did not want him to spend Christmas by himself.  I found a way to cash in my mileage points and get a ticket to go to Amsterdam.  Now I get to spend Christmas Eve with my daughter and then get on a plane to arrive Christmas morning for my son.  Again, I found myself getting the house ready for me to be gone, get the Christmas shopping done early, and all the preparations in order for when I got on that plane I could sit back and relax and enjoy this precious time.  In the midst of all of this I started realizing how much God had been a part of my growth.  All of the preparations by way of people and experiences in order for me to be right where I needed to be at this moment.  That I could be filled with absolute peace and love.  That he was able to fill me up with a peace that passes all understanding.  I was able to see that for some time now he has been “cleaning house”  and removing all the fears, doubt, and insecurities, so I could be ready for the next event in my life.  He has been preparing me for a life that is filled with hope, joy, love and most of all PEACE! Join me in celebrating the birth of Jesus and may you be filled with PEACE too!

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