Posted by: mylovingheart | November 7, 2012

Let it Be, Let it Be, Whisper Words of Wisdom, Let it Be!


I don’t know about you, but I love that Beatles song.  If only sometimes I could just turn off my head and follow my heart and just let it be.  What I have learned is that over-thinking ruins you, ruins the situation, twists things around, makes you worry and just makes everything much worse that it actually is.  My husband was so good at helping me keep things into perspective.  He had such an amazing ability to evaluate and know people.  He showed me so often how to just accept people for who they are and to know that everyone has their limitations.  He knew how to really look at what was inside them and to love that person.  He taught me so much about how sometimes you just have to agree to disagree on certain issues.  Often times I would come home and ask him for advice on a situation.  I would tell him about how no matter what I said to the person, they just did not grasp what I was trying to tell them or they would not change their mind.  He would tell me to stop violating the pig theory.  There are two parts to the pig theory:

1)  You never teach a pig how to sing.  It only frustrates you and makes the pig angry, and/or

2)  You never wrestle with a pig.  It only gets you dirty and the pig enjoys it.

I had to understand that people are not going to see it your way.  What I have come to realize is that often times in a relationship with someone they are not going to want the same things as you.  They have their own ideas or desires as to what they want and need.  It doesn’t make them wrong, they are just in a different place than you.  Often times those differences allow you to learn and grow from each other.  To choose to embrace the possibilities of what can come from that.  You don’t have to be hurt or angry if you want different things from each other.  You just open your heart and let it be whatever it is supposed to be.

Another thing I have learned is that in every situation to seek God.  Time after time, God has shown me how to open my heart and truly see people the way he sees them.  On many occasions, I have clearly heard God tell me to reach out to someone and he has given me words of wisdom to speak to that person. I have found that I must go to a quiet place and seek him, and the answer always comes.  Your heart will know.  Since losing my husband I have learned to remember those times when he whispered words of wisdom, so that I could open my heart to accept and love the amazing people that have come into my life.  That you can turn off your head and follow your heart.  You just have to let it be!

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