Posted by: mylovingheart | October 22, 2012

Starting Over ….


How many times have you thought in your life “If only I could start over”.  To have a new clean slate and create a new script for your life. That concept can be quite exciting or absolutely terrifying.  To look at all aspects of your life that are not serving you and actually make the decision to do something about your situation.  Sometimes, as in my case, you are put in a position of deciding if you are going to stay stuck or embrace a new beginning.

In order to get started you must truly decide that you are ready to let go.  Believe me, letting go is never easy especially if you have too many changes being thrown at you all at once.  You want so much to hold on to just something that is the same and to grab on to anything that makes you feel secure.  If you are like most people change is something we avoid.  It means letting go of the negative feelings and possibly people that are not supportive of you.  Especially if those feelings or people are keeping you stuck.  It is vital to eliminate the struggle and simply choose a new story!  To fully appreciate the gift of life.

For me a new beginning was not something that I embraced right away, but now am actually starting to see all the possibilities.  To develop new relationships and to bring more love into my life as a result of it.  It is hard to think about how you want that new beginning to look like or how you want it to feel.  To take all the negative images and fear out of the equation and say “Thank you very much I won’t be needing your assistance”.  I am choosing to do something else.  To not choose anxiety or strife but to choose love until the anxiety goes away.  This new beginning would not be possible if it were not for spending quiet time with God and actively seeking his path for my life.  To find that this new beginning could be filled with love, joy and peace.  For now, I am becoming more comfortable with the uncertainty of the future and will continue to look forward to each day as a new beginning and what all it has to offer.


  1. As Wayne Dyer so eloquently said, ” “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” 🙂

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  3. I just read your article on Starting Over …. « mylovingheart and want to thank you for it.

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