Posted by: mylovingheart | October 16, 2012

Can I Have a Dose of Courage?


Recently I heard someone say that the definition of courage is “to do the thing you think is right when others strongly disagree.”  That statement got me to thinking about how much I have clearly heard what God wanted me to do when others strongly disagreed that was the right thing for me.  It takes courage to stay in that place where you are clearly hearing from God, but it makes no sense to you at the time.  That may mean that you continue to have certain behaviors or even people in your life.  It may also mean that you make the decision that something or someone is not serving you any longer and you need to walk away.

I am so guilty of wanting to rush through this grief process and wanting to say “enough is enough”.  God has shown me time after time that I must follow his plan.  That there are so many steps along the way that I have to land on and spend time on.  It does take courage to trust in his timing and have faith in his promises.  Often I have found myself getting so frustrated that it was not turning out the way I wanted.  To hear God clearly tell me to “be still”.  Anyone who knows me, “being still” is not in my vocabulary.  I know that if I am repeatedly hearing something,that is where I need to be.  To have courage to not give in to every single thing that is bad for me because I want to fill some void.  To truly be where I would not falter from the path that he had chosen for me.  Knowing that God had so much that he wanted to reveal to me in order for me to be ready for where he was taking me.

One of the things that I felt he was showing me was to look for my own happiness and not for others to do that for me.  To also see the blessing in each person and in each moment of my life.  That would require me to have the courage to choose love over fear.  To turn off that head and follow my heart.  When you follow your heart instead of your head, the most amazing people come into your life. Along the way I get to plant the seeds of love and have the courage to see if it grows or not.

You must remember that risk may be involved when God wants you to do something.  To have hope that God is going to continue to fill you with the love you need.  Living with hope is living in anticipation of what can be.  Sometimes when you are in the wilderness of grief it’s easy to question your hope for the future.  But living with faith is embracing what cannot be changed by your will, and knowing life in all of its fullness is still good.  To have the courage to choose life!  You must sometimes “be still” in order to hear the sweet voice from God, to trust in his timing and have faith in his promises.  When you do–YOU WILL HAVE ALL THE COURAGE YOU NEED!


  1. Your Heart Always Knows. And It Is Done. Amen.

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