Posted by: mylovingheart | October 10, 2012

You Are So Loved!


When I was a little girl when I felt that I was being picked on too much I would go crying to my mother “Nobody loves me.”  Sure it was pretty melodramatic, but that is how I felt when everyone was having fun at my expense.  Of course, the whole family thought it was hilarious when I had those moments.  She would often tell me that people tease you because they like you.  As a small child I thought that was an awful way for someone to show they liked you.  It got me to thinking how do you know when someone loves you for who you are? Is it in a random act of kindness, or a smile, or is it in being able to listen when you are hurt.  There are so many ways that love is shown to another person. You never know how sometimes it is the little things you do that have such a big impact in someone’s life.

Whenever you suffer a loss in your life you actually grieve not having that love from that person anymore.  You miss all the things they did to show you love and to make you feel special every day.  Surprisingly, you even miss the times when they did something that you didn’t like because it was the best thing for you at the time.  Because they loved you that much to know what was the right thing for you.  One of the more natural things to do is to try to replace that love as soon as possible.  Anything to keep from feeling the pain of losing that love in your life.  Other times you run away because then you don’t have to face what is not there anymore.  I have found myself now more than ever leaning on God to fill me up with a love like no other.  When I stopped and really looked around every day there was someone that was giving me the love I needed.  God has provided a way to bring some of the most amazing people into my life.  That even though I no longer have the love from one man in my life, he has filled it with so much joy and love from so many others.  All because God knows the desires of my heart and never ever wants me to feel for one second that “Nobody loves me”.  I just had to open my eyes and truly embrace what was all around me. Just remember that God is doing that for you too, because he loves you that much!  You just have to look for the blessing in each person and moment in your life.   I thank God for my beautiful family, amazing friends, and everyone else that is in my life that I get to LOVE TOO!!

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