Posted by: mylovingheart | August 29, 2012

Time to Love!


Choosing Love over Fear is a huge step that not all of us can take. I still find it amazing how much power fear has over each one of us. Often we do not want to truly face our fears and say you have no place here. To take a stand and choose love instead. To truly look at the amazing reality that each one of us has right in front of us. We must open up the universe and allow IN what God has for each one of us. The beauty of doing that will be more than we ever imagined.

I honestly believe that ALL of us, any human being, CAN choose Love over fear because it IS a choice –without question it is harder for some than for others. I also feel in my heart that the harder that choice is, once made, will have that much bigger impact on the person making it and everyone they come into contact with.

Also you will find that along the way there will be special people as a result of the seeds of love that we planted in their heart. All of the heartaches and circumstances that we all must go through in order to be right for the people in our lives. You must never be afraid of anything that is of God and especially for where he is taking you. You just need to be only on the steps that God has for you today. I think we need to be reminded to sometimes turn off the head and listen for that sweet voice from God. At that point you will know what to do. He knows the desires of our heart. We must have faith in his promises. We must all keep seeking his light and there we will find peace (not fear) and most of all–AN ABUNDANCE OF LOVE!


  1. My New Mantra to share with you all reflecting Janet’s Beautiful Truth….

    It’s a New Day.
    It’s a New Dawn.
    It’s a New Moon.
    It’s a New Life.
    Massive Abundance, Prosperity, Money and Wealth is Here Now.
    I Am the Receiver through my Giving Heart.
    I Choose the Blessing’s.
    I Choose Love.
    And It Is Done.

    ~ Butterfly Giver

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