Posted by: mylovingheart | August 29, 2012

Light a Candle!

It is amazing how much you get caught up in life and wandering around trying to get it right. Traveling to far off places always give me a chance to get a different perspective on life too. Recently I have returned from a trip to Norway and Iceland. Leading up to the trip I had a number of anxieties. On this trip with my son we were going to part ways and he would go start his 6 month study abroad program in Amsterdam, the first anniversary of my husband’s death, pressures of currently expanding my business, and you name it “life” was coming at me. I knew that I felt darkness but I was seeking light. Before the trip someone told me to start looking for the blessing in everything. Don’t look at what is wrong or missing, but where is the blessing. I am sure I am no different than most people, that when you are in the middle of “your darkness” how do you see the blessing. How do you see the light.

What I did was prepare my business as best as possible and most of all to let my staff step up and shine while I was gone. It is amazing how when you let go and it gives new opportunities to emerge. My son and I had a nice trip together in Norway and he is going to do great on his new adventure. Then I flew to Reykjavik, Iceland. For the first time I was in a foreign country all alone for a couple of days before a friend arrived. The anniversary of my husband’s death was during this time. Again with all of this floating in my head and heart, I looked for the blessing and started exploring the city and went to Hallgrimskirkja Church. This is a huge church that sits up on a hill. I have traveled around the world and been a number of churches but this one had such a simplicity to it that it filled me with such peace.


I sat on one of the pews and found myself praying. Tears started flowing down my face as I sat there and told God that I was truly turning my life over to him. That I release my son, my daughter, my fears, the feelings over the loss of my husband, my relationships–absolutely everything over to him. So often we give things over to God but we take it back too often. This time I truly felt myself release it all and was flooded with a peace and joy. In my prayer I felt that I do not have to have anxiety over tomorrow that I can focus on the blessing of today and it be enough. In this Church there was no longer darkness but flooded with LIGHT.

Afterwards I walked to the back of the church and there was a stand with votive candles on it. This is what the sign said:

Light a Candle

Do not let the darkness prevent you from seeking the light!
And when you have found it let other people see, re-think and be convinced.
If you want the light to live then give rise to the same yearning in other people.

Light the light of frankness in the darkness of fear,
light the light of justice in the darkness of corruption,
light the light of faith in the darkness of denial,
light the light of hope in the darkness of despair,
light the light of love in the darkness of death
Light the Light!


What I learned was that if you do look for the blessing you will be able to Light the Light in your life and in the people around you!

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