Posted by: mylovingheart | August 27, 2012

Letting Go is Hard to Do!

It is amazing how often people will tell you to just let it go.  You even tell yourself you need to let go.  Letting go is usually not possible because of fear. You can even develop a fear of letting go.  Just think if you could let go of your fear of rejection; fear of uncertainty; fear of trusting that you won’t get hurt; fear of wanting something else and not getting it; fear of seeing what else is out there; and I even had a fear of letting go of my will and trusting God’s will.  Also my struggle was that if I let go of my grief that it would minimize my relationship that I had with my husband.  The brain and the enemy can really fill you up with some big lies.  You can so easily find yourself holding on to bitterness and resentment that someone is not meeting your expectations and cause you to focus too much on what you don’t have in your life.

Life is like a trapeze artist that has to stand on the platform to swing out and then let go of the swing to be in free air.  He/she must be confident and have faith that the next swing will be right where it needs to be to complete their journey.  Until you finally let go of that swing you will never ever experience the absolute joy and love that is in that free air where you are flying and not falling.

When I look back over the last year while going through this grief process I was so gripped with fear.  Having so much trouble with all of the changes that had to take place in my life.  Wanting so desperately for something to stay the same so that I would not feel as if I was constantly standing on shifting sand.  Then it became decision time where I needed to truly let go.  I had heard that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  For me if I did not let go of all of those fears and thought processes in my head I was going to stay stuck.  I knew in my heart that until I let go God was not going to be able to pour into me the joy and love that he wanted so much to put in my heart.  The only way I was able to truly let go was to look for the blessing.  When you allow yourself to “See the Blessing,” the thing you need to let go of no longer has resistance surrounding it, and it simply flows away gently and effortlessly when you’re ready to fully surrender it.  Sure it is a complete retraining of the brain to look for the blessing when something for all practical purposes appears very screwed up.  Surprisingly though I have found that it did not take long to see the blessing in each person and situation in my life.  When you do see the blessing you will be amazed at how easy it is to FLY.



  1. Simplify….and Simply Fly Janet! “Seeing the Blessing” is the Simplify and YOU, my love are Simply Flying…..Congrats. 🙂

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