Posted by: mylovingheart | August 6, 2012

The Ultimate Kiss!


About two months after my husband passed away I looked at my pastor and my 24 year old daughter and said I just need someone to kiss me. I mean take me in their arms and KISS me. You can imagine the horror on their faces and my surprise to feel this way in such a short period of time. It was a yearning I could not understand. Well God knew why. Fast forward about 4 months to the beginning of February and I was at a christian gathering. This man that I know came up to me and said “I have been hesitant to share something with you that I wrote about Ed after he died. I think now I am supposed to share it with you and I need your email address.” He sent me the email on the week of Valentine’s Day and it was titled “The Kiss”. He starts talking about who gave him his first kiss and how he liked it and kept kissing ever since. Then he starts talking about meeting his future bride and below is an excerpt from his memo:

“Soon after Susie and I began dating, she brought home a newsletter from the hospital where she works. In that letter was an article by a chaplain. In that article, the chaplain tells of an ancient legend. It says that when God created us, He kissed us, and we have a faint memory of that first kiss. We live our lives in search of the intimacy of that first perfect kiss.

Imagine that—our first kiss was actually from God Himself! The Great I AM kissed me! And He kissed you! Genesis 2:7says “the LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” God’s kiss made me alive, and woke me to life on this earth. What a kiss that must have been! But that story from the newsletter helped me understand my love for a great kiss, and to understand our desire for a hug, or just a touch. We are searching for the intimacy of God’s touch that makes us alive.”

He went on to talk about what happen when he was on this christian retreat with Ed:

“During that time, men were free to spend time at the altar. Another man on the retreat, Eddie Anderson, walked up there and knelt for some time. I had known Eddie for several years, but he had been battling colon cancer longer than I had known him. He was weak from the battle.

After allowing Eddie a few minutes of privacy, I approached the altar rail and knelt at his right side. I put my left arm around Eddie’s shoulder and just knelt there. I had no words to say to this dear friend and Christian brother whose faith was great but his physical strength was fading. We just remained there for several minutes in silence.

Finally, Eddie moved as if to get up. He turned toward me and kissed me lightly on my left cheek, then rose and walked back to his seat. It caught me by surprise, as I’m still not accustomed to having a man kiss me. However, in that moment, I felt that I had experienced that legendary kiss from God. I understood the unselfish love that came from that true “first kiss,” and the longing I had experienced in all the kisses that preceded that one, that night.

Eddie Anderson taught me to kiss.”

You can imagine that I just sat at my computer and just sobbed. To think that the deep yearning to be kissed was because at my lowest I was needing the intimacy of God’s touch so I could live.

My challenge to you is to know that sometimes the most outrageous things will come over you….. and God is just using that moment to get closer to you. Let’s all keep kissing!!!


  1. Ahhhh……my fav. post thus far! A kiss for you Janet from me… xo

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