Posted by: mylovingheart | August 5, 2012

The People You Love Will Be With You Forever!

My late husband Ed saved the best for the last day of my trip. I had a friend tell me to bring something of Ed’s and bury it in New Zealand. I chose his Jerusalem Cross necklace. God was in the details. About two weeks before the trip I was talking to a client that said he would not be ready to buy until January. I told him that was okay because I was going to be gone until January on a trip. He asked where I was going and then tells me his mother was currently in NZ. He had his mom call me and she was on the exact trip that I was taking. The reason Ed wanted to go to NZ was every time he saw Lord of the Rings he knew he wanted to go there. Toward the end of the call with my client’s Mom she told me “By the way when you go to Mt. Cook you will be passing the film site of the prequel to Lord of the Rings”. I instantly knew where I was to bury it.

The hard part of losing someone after a 7 year battle with cancer was the realization that they were actually GONE. You never really imagine that one day they would really be gone. The last day at the beginning of the hike there was an alpine memorial. When I walked up to it there was this plaque for someone who had died that was at eye level–the first thing I saw.

I burst into tears knowing that if he was standing right there that is what he wanted me to know. He took my broken heart and put a sweet band-aid on it. As I walked through this alpine valley to this beautiful glacier lake my heart leaped with joy as I looked in the mountains and knew he was all around me. When I got to the glacier lake I climbed a hill and told him I loved him and covered the cross up with some rocks. It was as if he was telling me “I am good. You can leave a piece of me here.”


After that amazing hike I then took a helicopter ride through the Mt. Cook mountain range and landed on a glacier and the picture below was taken on that glacier. Rejoicing with open arms that the love in my heart would never be gone–is all around me–always near–not far. My challenge to you is to not miss those precious moments when God is sending you messages AND messengers along the way to fill your life with joy and love. That you don’t have to say goodbye because the people you love will be with you forever!



  1. Love this Janet. Truly Beautiful. Just like you!

  2. So beautiful Janet.

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