Posted by: mylovingheart | August 4, 2012

Finding a New Path!

On the last couple of days of the New Zealand trip we were on a 62,000 acre sheep farm in the Mt. Cook mountain range along a beautiful glacier lake. In going for a walk along the bank I was listening to my shuffle. I had downloaded my favorite song from one of my husband’s favorite bands, Rush. The song is “Ghost of a Chance”. It came on and I sat on a huge rock and leaned back with my face to the sky and felt the breeze on my face as I listened to the beautiful words. It was at that moment that I felt he was so near. That he was rejoicing in this amazing setting. My husband on previous hiking trips would find a bird feather and there is a collection of them in my bedroom. After the song was over I started walking further down the beach and there in single file was one bird feather after another every few feet. It was like he was laying a path out for me. I had so many I could not gather anymore. What I think he was trying to tell me was that I have a new path and he wants me to spread my wings and go to new heights. My challenge to you is to look for whether a new path is being laid out before you so you can spread your wings to fly because someone in your life loves you that much to want you to SOAR!



  1. The Butterfly Giver thanks you for this Outrageous Challenge and the invitation to SOAR! 🙂 Is there any other way 2b?? xo

  2. really looking forward to your next post!

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