Posted by: mylovingheart | August 3, 2012

Finding Peace and Soaking Up God’s Grace

Three days after Ed’s funeral was our 26th wedding anniversary.  Our marriage was a friendship and love that grew over the years while sharing our life together and raising two beautiful children.  I wanted to celebrate that.  The children took me to dinner and my son said I want to take the New Zealand trip he never could.  I told him that we are going to do it the way he would have done it.  We found an adventure tour that would have us cycle, hike and kayak through the entire south island for 14 days in December.  I just wanted to go somewhere and just reflect and let this beautiful country sooth my soul.  Upon arriving I knew this would be a trip like no other.  Ed loved the outdoors because he would tell me it was calming to him. It was a chance to remove all the checklists and other things that were demanding your attention. That you could just “be” and find peace in those quiet places and spend time with God. I understood that intellectually but thought that was his thing.  On the second day of kayaking in the Marlborough Sound region as I was sitting there soaking up the beautiful sites of this amazing blue water and the mountains I was engulfed with such peace and then it hit me–this trip was for ME so that Ed could show me what it feels like to go to a place and turn off the checklists and just BE. It was such a gift of love. My challenge to you today is to take a moment and find a quiet place so that God can just pour his grace all over you and see where it takes you.



  1. Its been so hard lately to find my quiet place to just BE! Thanks for reminding us how important it is!

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